no need to iron it with botox

This is a tribute to my grandparents. I Know. Mushy.

I never saw my grand daddy ( mum’s dad- was a great doctor -as I was told). My dad’s dad died when I was 9 years old. I grew up without grandpas. I have grandmas but the other one (mum’s mom) lives in the outskirts of nowhere; I see my grandma ( dad’s mum) whenever I go to their place. And that rarely happens these days. Anyway, It’s gonna be Grandparents’ day this Sunday, so I’m paying a tribute to them. I just want them to know that I love them to bits. I also wanna thank them for the good genes they passed to my parents–>to me. Haha.  Seriously, when I grow old, like them, I want to have plenty of laugh lines, too. And I want somebody to wonder who made me laugh that I got those.

Oh yeah, I’m pretty much posting 4 entries in a row. I’m gonna be socializing heavily this weekend. Avoiding the internet, mostly. Now who am I kidding? I get nervous in social situations, you know. Wish me luck.  :p Yeah, I love you too.

credits to this link. This is pretty much where i got the idea.


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