to the man who is the only person i know who fits the Sheldon robot character,

… He would think I fit the  Francesca robot character too, because I’m creative and free spirited ( and CLUMSY, robot-sy at times…etc).

I printscreened the image above from the movie I’m Here because I was curious what the binary eyes meant. (It meant NOTHING.  It’s a malformed binary. It’s not divisible by 8!  I guess the writer or whoever thought of drawing that Francesca-esque doodle scene didn’t have real binary intention for some geeks like the person who writes this blog entry to decipher it! what kind of geekery is this  am I talking about?!!!) Anyway,

I’m Here is a love story about two robots living in contemporary Los Angeles. The sad-eyed robot librarian Sheldon (Andrew Garfield) leads a lonely and methodical life, until he one day meets Francesca, a creative and free-spirited female robot (played by Sienna Guillory). Robot romance develops and the story is just as beautiful as it is unpredictable (Francesca being clumsy is predictable, though).

and 01001001001000000110110001101111011101100110010100100000011110010110111101110101

thanks to Zach Braff, he made me click his fb status link.


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