There are 31 numbers in the calendar

I’m holding the 30th spot… in years! Oh well, I was wishing my waistline will match my age but my 3000- calorie diet didn’t work. Mind you, I was a 29- inch waistline record holder 2 years ago! YAY. It shrunk three months after I gave birth, though.  :/ Yes, that’s right. I have a little human– a womb escapee who exited down from my vagina. She’s cute and all and a bit snotty.  So yeah, I’m 30. Not a big deal. I guess what I have to deal big  is– myself and my other  incessant “selves”. If you know what I mean. No? Me neither. You know, I have a bucket list. I don’t think I’ll ever cross out the first one. It says  Be A Millionaire before I turn 30. I was so close to it I swear. Almost there. But almost doesn’t count.  Maybe changing it to Be A Millionaire before I turn 31 won’t hurt.  I hope going to Machu Picchu won’t be that hard because that’s second on my list.

Also, I have to always remind myself to make room for what is GOOD and RIGHT. The hardest thing and the right thing are the same, they say. I’ve been a bad bad girl. Really bad. God knows how bad I was/am. But for all the things I’ve done, I guess I did something right to have the love and things I need. IDK. Whatever, universe!  I’m not good with words and my vocabulary is not extensive, my grasp of grammar is not phenomenal and I don’t have a superlative command of syntax.  Taahtah! xoxo


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