compliment my sense of humour


funnymeI can never be a comedienne but I have this really really REALLY funny, weird, witty, dry sense of humour only two people understand ( and willingly laugh at) my jokes. If you’re the third person who thinks that I’m funny, LET.ME.KNOW. I will give you sexual favors like skin pore massage, armpit tickles and velcro hug. In that order. We could be very good friends.

So yeah, that was my intro for being away for almost three years( I hate using the word hiatus as it sounds so tumblr-y lol ). I guess tweeting got me on for a while ‘cos it’s easier to just post my 140-character random (funny) thoughts every time I feel the need to. HAHA nobody reads ’em but yeah, one day when I get famous–okay, let’s not go to that part yet. We’ll talk about that later.

It’s 2016 and I finally decided to post a new entry. I won’t be talking a lot about myself (though that’s so typical of me) but I will be posting my artwork and some funny thoughts, observations about life, random people etc…


I drew my self portrait with my underboob and semi-toned abs showing because really, how sexy would that be If I only have it?

I have this one painting/drawing a day challenge that I try to do until the pages of this  3.5 x 5.5 in Moleskine Watercolour album runs out.

What should I paint tomorrow?



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