You will be remembered


This is the first time I’ve ever cried for an actor’s passing. It’s almost a month now that I’ve been watching Harry Potter series because my little human keeps watching it over and over everyday.  I fell in love with the characters he portrayed especially  Colonel Brandon (Sense and Sensibility), Metatron  (the voice of god) in Dogma, and Severus Snape.–oh how he portrayed a great love story in just one word ! This scene still gets me. I cried buckets in the cinema or maybe there were just little ninjas slicing some onions near my eyes that time . I couldn’t tell, but my heart was heavy.

( After all this time, he still loves Harry Potter’s mum, Lily </3 /wrist #unrequitedlove but still loyal huhu)



You were such an amazing, exceptional actor. I long considered you to narrate my life story but now you’re gone. Sadness.

You will always be remembered, Sir Alan Rickman. ALways. Rest in peace.


Is George R.R Martin responsible for writing season 2016? It’s only January and I hate it already. So many wonderful characters already dead. ugh.


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