just posting a sample bokeh of my 50mm

and to add drama, I put a stupid quote, and well, here’s what I think:

pasthistory.jpgPast is past and we should forget about it, move on and let it go.  Too cliché to say really because PAST is about something that happened a long time ago from the choices that we made that continues to affect us today.

(I might have read some lines on the internet, don’t credit everything I say.)

It is wrong to withhold a good word and gesture.Say it to me now. lol

You can only lose what you cling to

I mean, c’mon! It’s just a kite. You can make one or can buy it at a thrift store. Ask yourself this:
“Will this matter a year from now? It’s only best to fly kites in summer. Also, Happy Christmas!

you sit down there and wait

like cheesecake

in love

not even money back guarantee

You can’t purchase your life . It’s a gift. Be thankful instead.

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