John Krasinski

It took me sometime to realise that I am in love with this guy. I know there’s nothing I can do about it because I’m married and he’s married (to damn hot Emily Blunt!) and who am I kidding, not even a chance of seeing him in person at all. I thought he’s just a really good actor, being funny and sweet and adorable etc. For many years, I was in denial.  He’s got this goofy face that I can’t help but fall in love with. He’s like this cute little hamster who stocks food in both sides of his mouth but still  adorable and lovable to look at. I mean how could he be so ripped now and still has his cute double chin?! That dimple on his chin, though OMG ! ❤  A friend said “you can’t fall in love with a guy twice your age!” Are you kidding? For real he’s just 2 years older than me! Also, he’s talented and funny and everything a lady’s ovaries could ask for. OMG what is this feeling I feel like ripping a ceiling! I’d be reduced to a giggling mess in the presence of John Krasinski. I’ve been watching interviews, movies, and The Office clips of him over and over and I just ugh. I will never ever get tired of looking at his face even when he’s already a hundred years old. I love you John Krasinski for all that you are (even if I don’t really know you). This whole blog post is not making any sense, just talking about him derails my train of thought. I’m Crazynski in love with you, John! I hope you read this and acknowledge that you know. No need to reciprocate. lol

*Le Sigh.*